Ethically Sourced, Eco-friendly, Hypoallergenic, Handmade

About Sass Set Free

Sass Set Free was started in Indianapolis, IN, in 2014 by handmade artist Samantha De Elorrieta. Handmade art means that the pieces she makes, including the jewelry, all have a story to tell or a piece of wisdom to convey. You may not find the latest trends or fads in her shop, and this is because she’s not looking for the quick and easy buck. Because of her love of people and the environment, however, she is happy to make a ‘latest trend’ item for you on request using her eco friendly metals (stainless steel and/or copper) and ethically sourced gem stones.

  Like most everything in life, Sass Set Free has grown and changed over the past two years, and, will likely to continue to grow and change over the coming years.  A few of the things you can expect to NOT change stem from the core beliefs of Samantha, owner and creator. She believes:

  • Loving oneself and those around us, and expressing said love with a simple smile, is pivotal to a happy life.
  • Good customer service goes a LONG way.
  • Respecting the Earth and the environment is vital to the health and well being of EVERYTHING.
  • One can accomplish anything if they want it bad enough.

Handmade, eco-friendly, jewelry and wall art. Good for the eyes, the
soul, the environment and of course your wallet.

Sass: Set Free

So that you can BE FREE
Free to wear jewelry that is hypoallergenic.
Free to support small businesses.
Free to purchase from a designer that only uses fair trade and eco-friendly materials.
Free, to do all this, look good, and not break the bank.