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Sea Shell Pendant Necklace

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Sea Shell Pendant Necklace, featuring a shell from sandy Dania Beach in Florida.

The Sea Shell Pendant Necklace is like wearing a piece of the beach with you through out the day. Of course you are literally wearing a piece of the beach(the shell), the colors captured in the pendant are inspired by sunshine, ocean waves and sand! The shell is light tan in color with deeper rust orange streaks. It has been wrapped with copper wire and adorned with three Aquamarine beads. Copper is one of my preferred metals to work with because it has an endless life cycle, meaning that some of the copper used by Egyptians thousands of years ago is still in circulation today! The Sea Shell Pendant comes standard on an 18in black cotton cord, this can be upgraded to copper or stainless steel chain if preferred at additional cost. All chains are handmade as well.