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Solid Raw Hand Engraved Customized Copper Cuff Bracelet

Solid Raw Hand Engraved Customized Copper Cuff Bracelet

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The cuff bracelet is the perfect accessory to your day!
Bracelet is gender neutral and looks good on any wrist. The cuff bracelet is made of solid copper.
Copper has been sealed with a clear coat so it will not turn your skin green. The cuff bracelet has been hand cut, sanded, and shaped.
The inside of the cuff bracelet is engraved with the message "There is no me without you."
This message can be changed and personalized if preferred! You can choose your own message, or keep "There is no me without you" and personalize it with a special date or initials.
Bracelet is adjustable - if you have extra large or extra small wrists please let me know so I can size up or down accordingly.
Copper is incredibly eco friendly because it can be reused infinitely - this means that some of the copper used by Egyptians thousands of years ago is still in circulation today!
Please provide the information to be engraved on the check out page in the "add a note to your order" section.